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Minimalist Beauty // Simplify Your Beauty Routine

My morning routine isn’t much of a routine as a busy mom, which is why minimalist beauty is so important to me.

Why I Love Minimalist Beauty

I made a decision to stop wearing makeup a few years back. Since then I have gone back to wearing blush a couple times a week when I’m feeling *extra*, haha. And on occasion I’ll wear lip gloss when I’m feeling extra fancy. But I really enjoy staying away from stuff on my face like foundation and powder. And I equally enjoy not having anything on my eyes as well.

Sometimes I miss getting all glammed up, but I don’t have any regrets. I remember the last time I wore a face full of makeup. I was driving home from work and my eyes were super itchy. It was a hot Texan summer day, and my face was moist in the heat in the car. My makeup had run just enough to drive me insane and I thought, “That’s it! I’m never wearing makeup ever again!”

So I vividly remember how uncomfortable I became.

Benefits Of Not Wearing Makeup

Since I stopped wearing makeup, I experienced some surprising benefits. You can read more about that here, but as a quick recap:

  • My skin cleared up
  • I fell in love with my hair again
  • I looked younger
  • I saved money
  • My routine simplified
  • My skincare changed

Maybe you’re like me and getting fed up with spending so much time on your face and beauty.

Maybe you’re not, and you love the creative expression of wearing makeup. Or you love the way that you look with a full face of makeup and your hair done. And that is totally amazing. I used to love playing with palettes, combining different colors, experimenting with ombre lips and getting my lashes looking as long and voluminous as possible. I had fun with it for a long time.

But one day (for me) it stopped being fun and started being a burden.

But if you are looking for some space to simplify your time and engage in a more minimalist beauty routine, then I have some great tips for you.

Introduction To Minimalist Beauty

Minimalist beauty is about simplifying how much I use and how much time I spend on prettying myself up. These things are true.

But at its heart, it’s really about natural beauty. Natural beauty highlights our qualities that are already there.

Here is a great example: Having fun, bright hair colors are super fun. And I dyed my hair blonde from high school up until just a few years ago.

But our natural hair color is actually meant to frame our face and make bring out or natural features best. My eyes stand out a lot more since I have stopped dying my hair and have gone back to my natural color.

Adjusting To Minimalist Beauty

I had to get used to my face without makeup, and it took a long time. I thought I looked ugly without it because people would ask if I was tired or sick. I thought this meant that I looked bad, but the truth is that they simply noticed that it was different. And over time, no one notices because this is just my face now. I have had people say, “Well, you don’t need to wear makeup. You look fine without it.”

But so does everyone, including you. We just have to get ourselves, and the world, accustomed to our faces and allow our natural features to shine the way they were meant to.

Now when I look in the mirror, I don’t see Melissa without makeup. I just see Melissa. And I like my eyes, and my nose, and my lashes, and my smile. I am comfortable with my face.

I also have curly hair, and over time I have come to know that less is more for me.

Minimalist Beauty Tips

So let’s get into it. Here are my minimalist beauty tips. I am going to link some stuff in this blog.

I am not an affiliate for anything. I do not get paid to make recommendations or link stuff. If that changes, I will totally edit this blog. But right now this is just me telling you what I use, like and don’t like. No ads.

Minimalist Makeup

I don’t wear makeup much these days, but when I do I focus on a little blush and some lip gloss. If you choose to wear no makeup at all… do it girl!

Here are some basic tips to follow:

Shape your brows

Shaping your brows can literally change your face. Microblading is a new way to tally wake up with your face half done and no effort required. These days I just pluck a bit so they’re not bushy and crazy. I notice a huge difference in how I look and feel when I just maintain my brow shape.

Keep stuff on your face to a minimum

What I mean is try not to clog your pores with stuff. I remember being 12 starting out with makeup, using heavy liquid foundation and smearing it into my skin. You know the look. Orange face, line under the chin, zits highlighted by caked on foundation and ashy power. Think light and healthy.

Healthy glow

I love just putting a little highlighter above my cheekbone for that extra glow. It’s simple, doesn’t cake on my face and is a simple way to add some major glam.

Blush cheeks

Blush just adds a little color to my face, especially in the winter months when I’m living like a vampire and my skin is pale and a little colorless. It adds some warmth to my skin that I enjoy.


My favorite minimalist beauty look is a strong shaped brow and some bright, bold lips. If you love a makeup look and do nothing else, brows and lips is the way to go! It really completes a whole face in my opinion. But ultimately a little lip gloss these days is enough to give me some glam. Most days I just make sure my lips are moisturized and not dry, and I love the way this simplicity looks as well. Moisturized lips look fuller and younger.

I am a chap stick snob. I have tried a million kinds and have exceptionally dry skin prone to eczema. My favorite chap stick is made by It is made from natural ingredients and is a small business with amazing prices for natural products. You can find the lip balm here. 

Skin Care

There’s two basic skin care categories that you need to focus on for any beauty routine:


I do not use soap on my face anymore. I have no need for it. I have really dry skin, so it’s not so oily that it needs any soap. And I don’t wear makeup so I don’t have anything that really needs to be washed off. When I shower, I use water only. I will sometimes use a soft terry cloth hand towel to scrub my face if I need a little exfoliation.


I have super dry eczema prone skin, so I have to be careful and thorough with what I use. Moisture is great for anyone, even if you don’t think you have dry skin. Keeping your skin moisturized will in the long term keep your skin more youthful.
For just a little added moisture throughout the day, or for a refresher in the morning this refreshing facial mist is so lovely.

Body Care


For exfoliation on my body, I love a good moisturizing sugar scrub. What I love about foaming sugar scrubs is that they cleanse while they exfoliate. These are great for my legs in the summertime.


I usually don’t use soap here either just because it dries my skin out, but a great tip is to find products that have a dual purpose. So for example, find a body wash that cleanses and moisturizes. Or find something with vitamin C which is known for its anti aging properties.


When my eczema is really bad, nothing works but Aquaphor. It’s expensive, but it’s what works. Most people don’t need something this intense.

When I’m just maintaining my skin’s hydration, I always put lotion on all over after every bath time. I recommend anything with coconut oil or Shea butter. I don’t mind Jergens. It’s not the best, but their Shea butter formula works just fine. For something higher quality I’d recommend Essential Wellness Bodycare’s lotions or body butters. They have a different texture, so if you want something extra thick go for the butter.

Hair Care

To read more in depth about my minimalist hair care routine, check this out.

And of course I have very curly hair. So my routine is going to be different than a lot of other people’s hair care.

I still believe that less is more, and that ideally you want to highlight your hair’s natural features instead of trying to force it to do what it doesn’t want to do. Your natural hair color will bring out your eyes. Don’t straighten your curls or perm that gorgeous straight hair! Embrace your natural beauty and learn how to make your hair thrive in its natural state.


I do very little cleansing because it dries my hair out. You might have a hair or skin type that needs to be washed with every shower. Keep in mind that the more you wash your hair, the more oil it will produce. So even if you think you have oily hair, it’s possible that you might not need to wash it everyday.


If you have oily hair, you might focus more on cleansing that conditioning. I focus more on conditioning than cleansing. Conditioner is usually all I use. I leave it in for a s long as possible, and then typically put conditioner in my hair *after* a shower as well to manage my crazy curls. It works well for me. I would never recommend using regular conditioner as a leave in for someone with straight hair though.

Leave In

If you just need help getting out some extra knots, you might just need a simple detangler. I need a good quality leave in, or I use a regular conditioner to leave in my hair as a styling product for my curls.

Minimalist Beauty Challenge

I’d like to challenge all of you to strip down your morning routine for one week. Pick an area to focus on and try a more simple, natural beauty routine.

Maybe you take a week to stop wearing makeup and see how you feel afterwards. Or if you straighten your curls everyday, take a week to let those curls go free and see how you feel afterwards.

If you are used to showering everyday and washing your hair everyday, just know that adjusting to a change in this process will probably take more than a week. Over washing can cause your hair to produce more oils.

So when you stop washing everyday, it will probably get worse before it gets better. But once your skin adjusts to the change you will notice a difference and probably not need to cleanse daily anymore.


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