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Keep Up With Laundry: 7 Tips To Simplify

Simplify Your Laundry: Keep Up With Laundry Forever

Learning how to keep up with laundry took me years of minimizing.

I am a busy mom, and I do not want to spend my precious time doing laundry for hours.

I have found what works for me. When I tell my friends that I do 2-4 loads of laundry a month, they are astonished.

But you can do this too.

You do NOT have to do laundry everyday. If you do it right, you might not even have to do laundry every week.

Here are my top tips to simplify your washing and keep up with your laundry.

Tips To Keep Up With Laundry

1. Rewear Items

I do this mostly with work clothes because I sit at a desk all day. So I am not sweating or doing anything to greatly affect the freshness of my clothing.

If you don’t spill anything on yourself and don’t stink or sweat, consider hanging up your shirt at the end of the day instead of tossing it in the laundry basket.

2. Plan Outfits

Planning anything can always help minimize. Plan outfits for you and your family. This will help you get into a routine with clothing and laundry. Don’t let the kids change their clothes 3 times a day and leave clothes on the floor.

3. Wear Multifunctional Clothes

Having clothes with multiple purposes and functions will decrease the need for wardrobe changes. Dress up a casual work outfit with a different jacket or some heels to go out later.

Pick versatile clothing that can be styled differently for different purposes or weather.

4. Let Toddlers Eat Shirtless

Eating is the messiest part of my 2 year old’s day.

There is no way he is getting through a meal without food on his clothes. So… I just take off his shirt. Maybe it’s not the best table manners, but I do half as much laundry for him if I just let him eat half naked.

5. Reuse Bath Towels

We reuse our towels in our house. I know some people who only use a towel once before throwing it in the laundry.

If you want to keep up with laundry better, learn to reuse towels. If you use a towel for 2 showers instead of one, you’re already cutting down your bath towels laundry in half.

Pro-tip: Only own 1-2 towels per person. Owning less will encourage more frequent washes.

6. Minimize Laundry Baskets

Having less laundry baskets will encourage more frequent washing. Letting laundry get backed up is really what keeps people from being able to keep up with laundry. Often it’s not the maintaining, it’s procrastination that gets us into trouble.

Instead of 6 baskets, keep 2. And do laundry as soon as they fill up.

7. Own Less = Wash Less

If you own a ton of clothes, you are probably going to do a ton of laundry.

The only reason I want more socks is so I have to do laundry less. This is the kind of thinking that will get you into trouble.

Minimizing clothing is key in minimizing laundry. Again, we want to encourage frequent washing instead of letting things get backed up.

And there you have it. Those are my 7 simple tips to simplify and help you keep up with laundry. For other tips on how to simplify you life as a busy mom, check this out.

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