What to Do With Old Printables {20 Paper Mache Crafts for Kids}

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Printables are a great tool for learning and your child, especially if you are homeschooling.

However, over time they tend to accumulate, and end up just about everywhere.  I know paper clutter is a huge problem in our hose, and even though printable are awesome, sometimes they make it worse.

paper Mache crafts for kids from old printbales

Even if you’ve printed on both sides of the paper to try to reduce the amount of paper in your home, they still tend to build up over time.

Here are a couple ways to combat the paper pile building up!

First and foremost, remember printable are recyclable!  Simply make sure to gather them up, and put them out for recycling.  You may find it helpful to get a bin to keep them in before they go out.

Another fantastic use for your old portables is paper mâché!  One of our favorite activities is crafting, and printable provide an endless pile of paper to do it with!

If you have used color on your printable pages, you can end up with some sort of strange color mixtures when you are making paper mâché.  No worries, it is part of the charm, and you can always paint your paper mâché craft when you are done!  Most crafts include painting the finished product, and even if they don’t there is no way to do a craft wrong!

Paper Mache for Kids

So why is paper Mache for kids so great anyway?  Besides using up all of those old printable laying around, paper Mache is a great sensory activity.  It also encourages creativity, and is a ton of fun.

I’ve found 20 of the best paper Mache tutorials around to help you get started.  These range from beginner to advance, some are educational, some are just plain cute, and many of these make great gifts to give.

Let’s take a look at these great paper Mache ideas for kids:

Paper Mache for Kids (Use Those Old Printables!)

Have a pile of printables hanging out around the house? No worries, here are some simple paper mache crafts you can do to use them up! These crafts range from beginner to advanced, and from educational to just plain fun!


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