How To Have A Minimalist Christmas

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Christmas is a hectic time of year, but it is still possible to have a minimalist Christmas.  In fact, sometimes it can be the greatest stress relief there is after a hectic year.

It is too  easy to set kids up with expectations.  Christmas is a perfect time to remind children to be grateful and not expectant.

A huge opportunity around having a minimalist Christmas is the ability to re-focus on gratitude, instead of getting caught up and stressed out.

Let’s look at some ways to have a more minimalist and stress-free Christmas.

Minimalist Christmas and Decorations

To decorate or not to decorate, that is the question.

Decorations almost go against minimalism, after all, you do need to store them all year round.

This is something that has no right answer and really comes to personal preference.

Decorations can be kept simple but  still festive.

Tips To Have a Minimalist Christmas

I have seen some awesome suggestions on how to keep this season a Minimalist Christmas.

Let’s take a look at some great tips I’ve tried and seen over time.

Minimalist Christmas Gifts: The Four Gifts Rule

Gift giving can be hard in general.  When my husband or I want something or need something, we just get it.

This is where the four gifts rule comes into play.

This is one of my favorite things I have read this year. It has really been trending this season. The four gifts rule is great for people who love purchasing gifts for their kids but want to keep it small.

Gifts are kept to four items: something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.

There’s not a lot of excess, there’s something educational and it includes a need and not just wants. It’s such a practical suggestion for families looking to have a minimalist Christmas.

Opt Out Of Gifts

If you are interested in being more extreme than that, you can also opt out of gift giving all together.

This could be something simple like spouses skipping gifting each other, or even the kids.

This of course doesn’t mean the kids go without gifts!

They still get gifts from grandparents and other family members.  After all, grandparents are some of the best gift givers around!

Gift Experiences

Experiences don?t need to be stored. They create memories and engagement. Your child is more likely to remember a gifted experience than a cheap plastic toy among toys years later.

Think family movie tickets, a mini vacation or a membership to the local museum. Maybe there is a nature center nearby or you have the date for a camping adventure together.

Hold Onto The Excess To Regift

If your kids or yourself are given too much, or more than you want to find space for consider holding onto it to regift. Make sure you remember who gave it to you. Regift new items at birthday parties in the coming year.

Be Direct

If you do not want to collect more items for yourself or your kids, be direct. Let family know that you are not interested in gifts. Some might give anyway, but at least you tried.

You can also be direct by simply telling people what you want. If they are going to get your kids a gift anyway, it might as well be something that you are comfortable bringing into your home and keeping around.

Minimize Get Togethers

Having a minimalist Christmas isn’t just about gift giving. It can include mental health and social minimalism as well.

The holidays are full of events, parties and opportunities to gather. This is a beautiful, joyous time. But it can be exhausting.

Don?t be overwhelmed by all the invitations. If you feel exhausted at the end of the day and drained instead of full and content you might want to consider filtering your social gatherings. Practice saying no. Do what’s most important to you and then enjoy the rest of the day with your little family at home.

Have a Stress-Free Minimalist Christmas

You do not have to buy gifts for all 30 people in your family because you think they expect it, or because you feel pressure. Maybe this year you can do homemade gifts.

Or chose not to give gifts at all and feel good about it. You’re just helping your loved ones to declutter, haha! Gift giving should be something you enjoy. If shopping steals your joy, don?t do it.

Do what brings you joy. Minimize your activity and find rest with your loved ones this Christmas season.

These practical  tips can help you have a more minimalist Christmas, and more importantly, a stress free Christmas.  Be  sure to leave your favorite minimalist Christmas tips in the comments.


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