Is Homeschooling for You?

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Pros And Cons To Help You Decide What Is Best For Your Family

Are you weighing the pros and cons of homeschooling??

I want to preface this by saying that it’s easy to think the decisions I make are right for everyone.?

But that’s not true. There are many factors to consider with the pros and cons of homeschooling.?

Mom knows best. You know your kids best and your lifestyle needs. Don’t be persuaded by contrary opinions.?

There is fear in every choice. I would encourage you to focus on the pros and cons of homeschooling with positivity and not fear. In other words, we will talk about cons but don’t let those hold you back more than the pros will push you forward.?

Cons of Traditional Education?

Large Classrooms?

One of the cons of public school is the size of the classroom. The student teacher ratio is 20:1 on a good day. If your child is shy they may have trouble asking for help. They may be unintentionally neglected. They will get very little one on one.

Standardized Testing?

I vividly remember being taught to take specific tests instead of learning or reading new things. We were drilled to practice the same task repeatedly in preparation for state testing. It is not a realistic assessment of skills and sucks up valuable classroom time? Hours, days, weeks are squandered on standardized testing.?

Lack of Accountability?

I mean this in a behavioral way firstly. Bullying often goes unnoticed and does not have consequences. Kids can cheat, skate by, learn the system and take advantage. I have known people who graduated high school without learning how to read.

Pros of Traditional Public School Versus Homeschooling


If I worked more hours or was a single mom, I would be so grateful for public school. It’s a relatively safe place for my kids to be taught by educated adults, and it’s free (mostly.) Buses are available to transport kids right from home. It’s really wonderful.?


Public school offers a large community for your children and self to be a part of. There are regular activities, your kids can be schooled with the same friends for years and they can get involved in endless school associated extra circulars.?


There are endless possibilities for socializing a homeschooling child, absolutely.?

But a public schooled child may face challenges and grow from that experience that a child in homeschool might be sheltered from.?

Cons of Homeschooling?

Lack of Social Challenges in Homeschooling

There are endless possibilities for socializing your homeschooling child. You will guide those opportunities though.?

Personal Frustration?

Teaching can be difficult. I think the most challenging thing for me is working through my own short fuse or patience on exhausting days.

Maybe your child is struggling with a concept and you feel stuck on how to teach them. People go to school for this!

Personal Responsibility?

There are no substitute teachers in homeschooling. No one is going to give you a yearly review or accountability. Consider it a full time job (or a second job if you work full time like I do).

Pros of Homeschooling?

One on One Teaching?

Your child will get plenty of one on one teaching with you. And you can customize their learning experience while homeschooling based on their level and educational needs.

Filter the Chaos While Homeschooling

Our kids should know the world, but sometimes another parent’s ideas of age and exposure are different than mine. Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to expose our kids to harsh realities at whatever pace we find appropriate… (without their classmate doing it for us, haha.)

Endless Creativity in Homeschooling

So not only can you customize your child’s education level while homeschooling. You can teach in an endless amount of ways. Crafts, blocks, playgrounds, field trips, music? there are no limits.?

You can choose a curriculum, or unschool (if your state requirements allow it). You can supplement, choose your own electives, choose your schedule and then change it? The flexibility is infinite.?

My Biggest Personal Tip:?

Don’t let insecurity of your ability to teach hold you back when looking at the pros and cons of homeschooling. To see my journey to start homeschooling, check out my blog?here.?

I thought that, too. Who am I to teach my children when people literally go to school and get degrees to teach? But I discovered that I am absolutely capable, and even awesome. I know my kids. They get excited about learning. I love the creative outlet of teaching, crafting and researching supplemental activities.?

If you try homeschooling and it isn’t working, switch things up. Research, lookup some YouTube videos. Use the resources of modern technology and find support.?

And if it still isn’t working, maybe your child thrives best in a public school environment. And that’s awesome. The point of weighing pros and cons of homeschooling is to find what is best for your family.?


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  1. We are a homeschool family and I love this list. Like you, I have nothing against typical schooling, but I know the needs of my family and they are better met at home. Wonderful post – thank you for sharing it!


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