Hellooooo. I’m Melissa. My favorite color is yellow, I probably eat too much sugar. I’ve been told I have a very loud identifiable laugh and my favorite thing about having kids is the excuse to play with toys again. 

Just kidding about the last part. Kind of.

The Past

Ok, what do you need to know about me? I’ve loved writing since I learned how. I self published some silly kid books about my little family (which you can find under the Shop tab if interested). Went to culinary school and didn’t finish because I realized it wasn’t my jam. 

Drank too much. Stopped drinking (sober since 2010). Met my hubs who really started us on our minimalist journey. When we met everything he owned fit it two laundry bags. He is still this way and it’s inspiring. 

We started building a family. In 2016 we got rid of everything we owned and downsized to a car full of belongings. This was a beautiful time in our lives. And a cornerstone for our future vision. 

The Present 

I’ve been copywriting for years and finally decided to launch my own gig. So, here it is! I am a fast worker and a workhorse. For more about how I might help you, check out the Work With Me page. 

We are a Jesus loving family. I believe the foundation of God starts at home and is reinforced by the community you surround yourself with. 

As my kids got older I looked at the world around me and felt really pulled towards homeschooling. I find immense joy in teaching my children. It’s a new and special dynamic we get to have together and a super fun creative outlet. 

The Future

I want to share our lives and spread joy. We want to jump in an RV and drive around again someday. With as little belongings as possible, an adventurous spirit and an open mind.

Minimalism is all about getting rid of the extra to enjoy what’s really important to us. I hope you join us and follow our story.